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American Counties with the Highest Mortality Rates

Of the top 200, all are in the South, Most are in Texas, They're all near superfund sites
In the 200 counties with highest mortality rates there seems to be a correlation between the concentration of the counties with the highest Z-Score, a weighted measurement designed at the County Health Rankings website and the existence of EPA Superfund Cleanup Sites The Z-Score is a weighted measurement put out by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on their website County Health Rankings which takes into account numerous factors from disease, to education level, as well as sexual activity and access to healthcare. The score is a representation of the likelihood a resident of these counties will die before the age of 75. The Second Map shows the EPA Data indicating where various superfund sites, there seems to be a pretty obvious geographic pattern that correlates with the counties which have the highest mortality rates. Further maps will work in the income distribution, but technical difficulties prevent it for this version. Source for Map #1: County Health Rankings Source for Map #2: Google Fusion Table Source for Future Income Distro Map: Income Disparity Map