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Mission Statement

W. Harry Fortuna came to science communication as a second career. His first career, in film and TV production, was an exploration of one of two lifelong loves. After almost a decade, the highest-of-the-high of which was the priveledge of having lunch with The Muppets, he decided to return to the other of his two loves, science.

Childhood requests for Smithsonian and Archaeology Magazine subscriptions for Christmas, progressed to a BA in Socio-Anthropology. Recently he’s had a short stint working at Soledad O’Brien’s production company, Starfish Media, spent a summer writing Science and Tech articles for, and had the privilege to study with the pros over at RadioLab. His last gig was as a fellow helping Quartz start an AI-focused initiative. He completed his MA in Journalism with a focus on health and science at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in 2016.

Harry is comfortable doing whatever is asked of him, he can write, record, shoot, produce and edit. More than anything else, he is always trying to let the childlike wonder he feels about the world shine through in the content he creates.